Elixir Source Safe

Elixir provides a mechanism for plugging in version control, so that files can be checked in and out from the project window. The refactory.jar contains a source safe version control plugin.

Source safe is very slow on my machine at work. As a result, a lot of the operations are placed in separate threads. For files that are readable, it is possible that it will take a minute for Source Safe to respond. By placing source safe queries in a separate thread, Elixir continues to run. However, it takes a while for the menu items to become enabled for checkins.

This release does not include a function to add a file to source safe.

To add Elixir Source Safe to the version control, edit the project settings


Further, you need to execute the following two environment variables before launching Elixir.

set ssuser=seguinca
set ssdir=f:\dbnet\vss

Now you should be able to check in and check out files from source safe from the popup menu in Elixir.

Serveral bug fixes were added. First, while the file is being checked in or out, the menu option is greyed out. Second, multiple files can be selected to be checked in our out simultaneously, and the program will check them out in some order.

Last Modified: 30 October 2003