UML Diagrams

As part of the refactoring support UML class diagrams were implemented to show the classes, methods and attributes during refactoring. They are also of general use. Each diagram holds the classes for a package, together with those classes they inherit from, only the classes in the package may be refactored.

The UML diagrams resize to fit all the components on. Initially the classes might be spread out, but they can be re-arranged, use "nudge" to gradually draw the components closer together. They can also be dragged into position. After being positioned the diagram is persisted (either in the directory that the source was loaded from).


The UML diagrams are reverse engineered from the .java files, so there is no fear that they will get out of date. The class diagrams are the main interface to the system. The user inteface for the refactory is described here.

UML Viewer

Last Modified: 30 October 2003