This roadmap contains the rough development plan for JRefactory over the next year or so. It is Subject to change at any time, and is meant to be a guide, rather than a plan that will be followed.

Is there something not on the roadmap that you think should be, or maybe its in the wrong place, then E-mail me.

Version 2.8

This was started on 19th July 2003 and completed on 9th October 2003

Version 2.9

This is intended to mainly be a bug-fix version. There plenty of things that need to be corrected and tidied up in the User Interface. There is also the start of "eating my own dogfood", using JRefactory to pretty print, and apply coding standards to the JRefactory project.

As part of this I'll start commenting the code more fully, it will be a long job and I don't expect it to be completed until Version 3.0.

Version 3.0

This is intended to be a long-lived version with a fixed interface between the various tools and the supported IDEs.

Version 3.1

This is intended as bug-fix verion.

Last Modified: 30 October 2003