JBuilder Extension

If this software is to be used with JBuilder X (it should also work with JBuilder 9), then downlaod the javastyle-jbuilder-*.zip file and copy the JavaStyle.jar file into <JBuilder Directory>/lib/ext. After adding the jar file, the first time that you run JBuilder, it will prompt you for the directory or jar file with the JDK's src.jar.

Important!!! The control for the pretty printer output is in the (System.getProperty("user.home"))/.Refactory. The file is called pretty.settings.

When you launch the software for the first time, the program will prompt you for the location of the JDK source files for your release of the JDK. You can specify either a jar or a source directory. It uses this mechanism to initialize the packages available. This data is used for the refactoring tool which needs to know about java.lang.Object to perform some operations.

The software creates a new menu called JRefactory, and all the functions are under that. The pretty printer can be accessed by pressing Control+Shift+P. The extract method function can be accessed with Control+Shift+E.

A powerful new feature has been added to JBuilder. If you select the JRefactory top level menu, you will notice that there is a new menu item: Refactorings. Under this, it lists the different refactorings that are available for the system. Some options will be greyed out depending on the location of the cursor. To perform a method refactoring, place your cursor in the method you wish to change. Then select JRefactory -> Refactorings -> Method Refactorings -> Specific refactoring. Similarly you can put the cursor on a field to invoke the field refactorings.

The type refactorings are available on the Refactoring menu as described above as well. But you can also do the type refactorings by selecting on one or more of the files in the project view. Then right click on one of the selected files and you have the JRefactory menu item. This menu item expands to a list of type level refactorings.

To preform the refactorings, the metadata must be loaded. When you select one of these menu items, the system will launch the metadata loader process. Please be patient and let it complete before you press the OK button to complete the refactorings. In fact, it is a good idea to manually load the refactorings before selecting the refactorings from these menus.

The current version of software waits to load the meta data until directed to do so by the user. Please be sure to close all class diagrams before you exit JBuilder to insure a quick start to JBuilder.

Options Dialog

Debugging the JavaStyle JBuilder Plugin

If there are problems with the JavaStyle plugin for JBuilder look in the directory C:\temp\ here there should be two files

These give a debugging output for the plugin and should help diagnose what is wrong.

you can also open a command prompt on the JBuilder9 directory and do

> JBuilder9 -verbose
This will cause more for JBuilder diagnostics to appear in the command prompt window.

Please report problems to the JRefactory project Open discussion formum , or for bugs to the bug parade.

Last Modified: 28 April 2004