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Software::JRefactory - Repackage or Move Class

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Moving a class between packages

This feature was the first refactoring to be implemented. It allows you to move a file from one package to another. The file is changed, plus all of the import statements in it are updated. Further, the program guesses the root directory of your source tree, and updates all import statements in all java files that reference the object.

To move a single class to another package, press the right mouse button over the class to be moved. Select move class from the menu. Enter the name of the destination package.

To move multiple classes to the same package, click the left mouse button on the first class to move. While holding the control button click on each of the other classes to move. On any one of the selected classes, press the right mouse button. Select the move class option from the menu. Enter the name of the destination package in the dialog box. Note that you can use the dropdown list of packages if you are moving the class to an existing package.

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Last Modified: JOctober 7, 2003

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